Palpimanoid Spiders
Hannah Marie Wood
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May 2011

   I went on this collecting trip with the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) Philippine Biodiversity Expedition. I went as a member of the terrestrial team, which included mostly entomologists and botanists. There were also deep water and shallow water teams as well. Some pictures of the expedition are below, however, the best resources are on different websites:

**Click here for the California Academy of Sciences webpages about expedition, and click here for live blogs that we wrote while in the field.

**Click here to see ABC special hour long video about the CAS expedition. Here is a shorter version.


Entomologists at the harvest festival.
We were a large group - the picture below is just the local and CAS entomologists, but there were also botanists on the terrestrial team.

We had a lot of field equipment - these 12 bags belonged to only 4 people.
Good food in the field.

One of our collecting sites on top of the mountain.
Natalia came up with a new collecting method - jeepney sweeping.
A good way to reuse.