Palpimanoid Spiders
Hannah Marie Wood
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New Zealand
January, 2005
Fiordlands National Park    The purpose of this expedition was to collect specimens for the Arachnology Tree of Life Project. We collected on both the north and south islands. This was my first arachnid collecting expedition and I was accompanied by Dr. Charles Griswold and Dr. Diana Davila-Silva. Below are some pictures from the expedition. (Image on left by C. Griswold)
Cyclotenid spider    A male cycloctenid spider, which can be found at night on tree trunks waiting to attack prey. Cycloctenids don't build webs and instead are hunters.
Slugs mating    These two mating slugs are twisted up and suspended from a thick rope of slime.
Matachia spider web    Web of a Matachia spider that we found at night. When you puff cornstarch on a web it becomes more visible.
Opiliones male    This strange harvestman (opiliones) is found only in New Zealand. The chelicerae (jaws) have evolved to become extremely large, but only in males.
Migid spider    Migid spiders build trap-door retreats in the moss on tree ferns. At night they attack prey by surprise when they quickly reach out from the trap door.
Velvet worm    Velvet worms (Onycophora) are an important evolutionary link for all arthropods.