Palpimanoid Spiders
Hannah Marie Wood
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New Zealand
June 15 - August 28, 2008
Winkler Traps
Hannah Wood    I went to New Zealand under the National Science Foundation's EAPSI program (East Asian and Pacific Summer Institutes). This program sends graduate students to Pacific Rim countries in order to promote collaborative research. While in New Zealand I worked at Canterbury University in Christchurch with Dr. Robert Jackson, who studies spider behaviors. I also worked with Dr. Simon Pollard at the Canterbury Museum. The purpose of this trip was to collect New Zealand mecysmaucheniid spiders for my dissertation research as well as learn research techniques involving spider predatory behavior. While I spent time working in the lab, I was also able to spend a lot of time traveling around the South Island collecting spiders. The above picture was taken at the Cass Biological Station close to Arthur's Pass. Sifted forest litter is hanging in the winkler traps and as the litter dries out over the course of a few days the spiders fall to the bottom. The image on the left is me sifting litter.
New Zealand forests
The forests of New Zealand are dominated by Southern Beech (Nothofagus). There are also many tree ferns.
This is the kea, an endemic alpine parrot found in Fiordlands National Park.
Lake Gunn, Fiordlands
Lake Gunn, Fiordlands National Park, around this lake I found huttonid spiders and two genera of assassin spiders, Aotearoa and Zearchaea.
Mom's visit
My mom visited and collected in the field with me for two weeks, she is sorting spiders out of sifted litter on a beating sheet.
Fiordlands NP
Fiordlands National Park in winter.
New Zealand Glacier
Fox glacier on the Western coast of the South Island, NZ.
Gondwana Forests
Catlins National Park, when the tide is down you can see petrified Southern Beech forests that used to exist when New Zealand was connected to Antarctica and South America.