Palpimanoid Spiders
Hannah Marie Wood
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December 2, 2008 to February 13, 2009
Malagasy town
Mailo village, near Parc National Andohahela

Madagascar field sites

     This expedition lasted 2.5 months. The participants for the first five weeks were Fernando Alvarez-Padilla, Wendy Moore and myself, and the field team during the last five weeks consisted of Charles Griswold, Gustavo Hormiga, Nikolaj Scharff, Alma Saucedo, Daniela Andriamalala, and myself. While everyone in Madagascar collected spiders (and beetles) for their own research, the majority of the field work was dedicated to catching goblin spiders (Oonopidae) for the NSF funded Planetary Biodiversity Inventory Project: Oonopidae.
     During the expedition we experienced civil unrest, cyclones, and long drives on long roads to nowhere. We saw baobabs, the elusive fossa, sunsets, whales, tenrecs, lemurs and of course spiders and leeches. We were in a car accident with a taxi brousse, our return flight was cancelled due to a coup, and we spent many days, weeks even, searching for the good forest. The trip wouldn't have been successful without the help of MICET (Madagascar Institut pour la Conservations des Ecosystèmes Tropicaux), and the staff at the California Academy of Sciences research lab in Antananarivo. The image on the left shows the sites we visited in order:

1. Antananarivo, our base
2. Mikira forest
3. Parc National Masoala
4. Parc National Andohahela and Fôret
    Classee Tsitongambarika
5. Parc National Andrigitra
6. Parc National Ranomafana
7. Reserve Special Beza Mahafaly
8. Parc National Ankarafantsika
9. Station Forestier Analamazaotra
10. Forêt de Kirindy field station

Woman walking
Mikira, close to Maroantsetra Mikira, close to Maroantsetra
Soccer team Andaparaty! close to Maroantsetra
Leech proofing, photo by Wendy Moore Giant millipede
field camp
Field camp at Parc National Andrigitra, with mini-winkler traps set up
Ranar tenrec
Ranar, photo by Alma Saucedo Tenrec at Parc National Andrigitra
PBI Madagascar Team
Hannah Wood, Nikolaj Scharff, Charles Griswold, Daniela Andriamalala, Alma Saucedo and Gustavo Hormiga at Park National Ranomafana
Daniela Andriamalala, Hannah Wood, Alma Saucedo
Daniela, Hannah and Alma at Parc National Ranomafana, Vohiparara, photo by Nikolaj Scharff.
Escape from Beza Mahafaly
Escape from Beza Mahafaly, photo by Nikolaj Scharff.
Escape from Beza Mahafaly Fernando and Wendy
"Even the tea kettle has a crocodile in it," photo by Nikolaj Scharff. Fernando and Wendy on boat to Mikira forest.
Malagasy Baobabs
Avenue du Baobab, Morandava
Gustavo Hormiga, Hannah Wood, Charles Griswold, Nikolaj Scharff
Gustavo, Hannah, Charles and Nikolaj: after too much field work, photo by Alma Saucedo.
Ranar and Daniela
Sunset as we travel from the center of the earth to the edge of the earth, Daniela and Ranar, photo by Charles Griswold.