Palpimanoid Spiders
Hannah Marie Wood
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   For my research I collect arthropods in diverse biotic regions wih unique flora and fauna. Fieldwork can be physically and mentally exhausting because you are often dealing with a combination of annoyances like leeches, mosquitoes, rain, extreme temperatures, and feeling alienated in a strange place, but there are also many rewards. While you are turning over logs, looking through forest litter or searching for arthropods in the vegetation, you get to see many tiny, strange creatures living in their own tiny worlds; and when your face isn't two inches away from the ground and you get the opportunity to stand up and look around, you realize you are surrounded by living forests, beautiful landscapes and different cultures with their unique music, food and languages. Click on the links below to learn more about the following expeditions.
New Zealand 2005
Madagascar, 2006
New Zealand, 2005
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Madagascar-South Africa, 2006
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Chile, 2008
Fiordland Forest
Chile, 2008
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New Zealand, 2008
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Madagascar, 2006
koala road sign
Madagascar, 2009
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Australia, 2009
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Torres del Paine
Germany & Denmark, 2009
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Chile, 2009
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South Africa
New Zealand
South Africa, 2011
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New Zealand, 2011
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Philippines, 2011
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Chile, 2013
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Past travels:
     United States, including Alaska and Hawaii
     Czech Republic
     New Zealand
     South Africa